Nova Scotia Es Log- July 5 and 6, 2014

I’m on my annual trip to the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.  Yes, Hurricane Arthur made a mess up here.  Power was out for 42 hours here in Greenwood and we had winds of 139 kph (about 100 mph).

Despite no power or internet, there has been a lot of skip over the last few days.  These were logged in my car and on my PL380 with just the whip.

July 5- times are Atlantic (EDT+1)

1515   94.5, WGTK, Greenville SC, 1170 miles, Financial program
1540   93.7, WFBC, Greenville SC, 1170 miles, “B93.7”, RDS
2055   92.5, WBKR, Owensboro KY, 1252 miles, Call ID
2100   92.1, UNID, Classic Rock 92.1 WBVX Carlisle KY?
2105   91.1, WVRP, Roanoke Rapids NC, Victory FM, gave affiliate list
2105   90.7  UNID, Either a BBN or FBN (WOTJ) station, Alexander Scourby Scripture reading.  Since this was just two days after Hurricane Arthur hit Morehead City, not sure of this would be WOTJ.
2112   97.5, WAMZ, Louisville KY, 1167 miles, “Kentuckiana Country”
2112   96.7, UNID, Thought I heard “WKOV”
2120   97.1  WKEQ, Somerset KY, 1158 miles, “Q97”, Classic Rock
2130  100.5  WSSL, Greenville SC, 1170 miles, “Q100”
2130   99.5  WRNN, Socastee SC, 1078 milesm Hot Talk For Conway
2135   97.9, WSIX, Nashville TN, 1300 miles, “The Big 98”. call ID, country
2140   95.5  WZOH, Lancaster OH, 974 miles, CBS Sports Radio, mention of Columbus
2140   95.5  WHPE, High Point NC, 1006 miles, BBN, only station in skip zone, had multiple clouds
2150   90.7, WYFH, North Charleston SC, 1158 miles, BBN
2155   88.5  WYFV, Cayce SC, 1148 miles, BBN

July 6
0940  90.7   WVAS, Montgomery AL, Local church announcements, gospel
0944  97.5   UNID, “The Bear”
0957  93.1   WBBK, Blakely GA, 1452 miles, “The People’s Station” gospel
1000  88.5   WRAS, Atlanta GA, 1297 miles, ID
1001  88.7   WJFR, Jacksonville FL, 1360 miles,        Family Radio, Family Bible Reading Fellowship, relog
1020  102.5  WDXB, Jasper AL, 1418 miles, Alabama ads, 205 area code
1035  98.7   WOKO, Oliver Springs TN, 1190 miles, “Talk of East Tennessee”
1040  92.3   WDEF, Chattanooga TN, 1283 miles “Sunny” ads for Tennessee Lottery, Kia of Chattanooga
1320  96.1   UNID, religious readings
1325  105.9  WOKZ, Fairfield IL, 1291 miles, country
1339  102.7  WDWQ, Terre Haute IN, 1210 miles, “Q102.7” Country
1346  101.7  WIKL, Elwood IN, 1113 miles, “K-Love”, skip zone
1356  101.7  WQHH, DeWitt MI, 989 miles, “Power 96”

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Es Report- June 22 and 23

June 22 was one of the best and long-lived Es events I can recall, with a 6-hour opening and the first time I’ve received Es after midnight.

The event started around 1700 Eastern with some weakish skip to South Florida.

June 22

1655    88.9    WDNA, Miami FL, 990 miles

1700    89.3    WRMB, Boynton Beach FL, 921 miles

1708    90.7    WPBI, West Palm Beach FL, 916 miles       Classical

1710    89.7    WKCP, Miami FL, 991 miles, Classical, RDS “Classical South Florida”

1720    93.5    WBGF, Belle Glade FL, presumed,  915 miles, Spanish, new


I had to go to church and didn’t check again until 1930 and found the band full of skip.  At times, the skip was 4 stations deep!


1925    89.9    KRPS, Pittsburg KS, 1048 miles, RDS

1930    90.7    UNID, 1930, CCM

1930    90.7    UNID, 1930, Southern Gospel

1935    91.9    UNID, Preaching, urban-style

1940    93.5    KIXV, Hot Springs AR, 1036 miles, “Hot Springs’ Hot Country, Kix 93.5”, new

1942    96.3    KTTG, Mena AR, 1058 miles, World Cup

1942    96.3    UNID, country

1948    96.9    KQOB, Enid OK, 1226 miles, “Bob FM”, webstream match

1953    107.7  KRXO, Oklahoma City OK, 1224 miles, promo for NBC Sports Radio, “The Franchise.”  This station was in for over an hour, new

1957    107.1  KCNY, Greenbriar AR, 957 miles, “Conway’s Best Country”, new

2000    105.1  KYEL, Danville AR, 1022 miles, “Thunder Country”, new

2002    104.9  UNID, Some kind of live country program

2004    104.1  KSGF, Ash Grove MO, 987 miles, “News Talk FM”, Springfield MO weather, new

2004    104.1  KMGL, Oklahoma City OK, 1224 miles, Delilah, new

2005    103.9  UNID, Country

2007    103.1  UNID, Country

2008    102.5  UNID, Country

2010    101.5  KIZS, Collinsville OK, presumed, 1117 miles, Spanish, skip zone, new

2012    101.3  KFDI, Wichita KS, 1186 miles, Call ID, new

2019    100.7  UNID, Country

2020    100.5  KATT, Oklahoma City OK, 1224 miles, new

2020    100.5  UNID, Country

2025    100.1  KYFM Bartlesville OK, 1133 miles, Country oldies show with songs by Red Foley, ad for Green County Village Retirement Home, Brtlesville weather, new

2032    98.3    KQZQ, Kiowa KS, 1248 miles, “Coyote Country”, new

2038    95.3    KINZ, Humboldt KS, 1081 miles, EAS tones with Tornado Warning for Stanton County KS, also heard at 2114, new

2040    95.5    KWEN, Tulsa OK, 1137 miles, “Powered By Country Countdown”, Bob Hurley Ford ad, also heard at 2114, new

2040    94.3    KCWV, Kingman KS, 1208 miles, Preaching, skip zone, new

2042    93.9    KGDS , Andover KS, 1178 miles, Rock, new

2047    92.3    KFTI, Newton KS, 1176 miles, Classic Country

2048    92.1    UNID, Ad for Six Flags Over Texas

2050    89.9    UNID, Bluegeass

2054    89.1    UNID, Blues

2055    88.9    KYLF, Adrian MO, 1006 miles, Bott Radio Network, call ID

2100    88.7    WSIE, Edwardsville IL, 771 miles, “Your Jazz Station”, way over my strong local WKNZ, Harrington DE

2107    101.5  UNID, Country

2108    101.3  UNID, Country

2111    100.5   KVWF, Augusta KS, 1167 miles, “The Wolf”, new

2124    91.7    KOSU, Stillwater OK, 1221 miles, RDS


I had to take a break and watch a movie with my wife.  I checked again about midnight and found the skip was STILL in!  This is the first time I’ve ever had skip so late (or early, depending on your perspective).

June 23

0004    90.9    KLRC, Tahlequah OK, 1062 miles, RDS “The Positive Difference” CCM, John Brown University, Siloam Springs AR

0008    91.7    UNID,  Hip-hop


I have some recordings that I’ll post later.

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A Survey of Christian FM Stations around the Delmarva

I’m a Baptist pastor by trade and I also have an interest in Christian radio.  I was saved listening to HCJB from Quito, Ecuador in 1978 and I worked at a Christian radio station for 13 years.

Below are the FM Christian stations I can hear from central Delaware, with some of my comments and observations.  I will also eventually do a similar list of the AM Christian stations I can hear in my area.


afrAmerican Family Radio. Large, nationwide network based in Tupelo, MS. They run two main streams, one talk and the other various types of Christian music.
91.7 WBKU, Ashokie NC



Bible_Broadcasting_Network_(logo)Bible Broadcasting Network. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, they are a nationwide network. More of the conservative Bible teaching and music. Their 99.7 station in Norfolk is a good tropo indicator for southern paths.
91.7 W219BZ, Lewis DE
95.5 WHPE, High Point NC, logged via tropo
99.7 WYFI, Norfolk VA

Calvary Satellite Network. Charismatic Bible teaching and Christian Rock. Calvary Chapel (a network of Charismatic churches that were started in the “Christian Hippie Movement” in the late 1960s with Chuck Smith) runs this network. Its main station is KAWZ in Twin Falls ID and they have translators galore.
90.9 W213CE, Cape May NJ

Eternal Wewtn-1ord Broadcasting Network. Roman Catholic network, based in Birmingham AL. Mainly talk, Catholic programs and mass broadcasts.
91.9 WSMJ, Cape May NJ



GoMix Radio Network. Based in Snow Hill NC. Makes it into Delaware during strong tropo (it has to be strong to overcome my local uber-pest WKNZ in Harrington DE). Christian Rock. And preaching.
88.7 WAGO, Snow Hill NC
91.1 WZGO, Aurora NC

Family Life Network. Christian Rock and some Bible teaching.
91.5 WCIM, Shenandoah PA

Family Radio. How the mighty have fallen. Started by lay-preacher Harold Camping in the Oakland, CA area in 1959, they had a nationwide network of AM and FM stations plus shortwave. I was a monitor for their shortwave network back in the early 1980s.  They ran conservativFamily_Radioe Christian music but how they handled their outside programming was controversial. Unlike other brokered Christian stations that sold airtime, Family Radio sold no airtime but required broadcasters to drop their local address in their broadcasts and have all correspondence (and presumably offerings) directed to Family Radio. Starting in 1994 and again in 2011, Camping predicted the rapture, which failed to occur in either year. He survived the 1994 debacle but not the 2011 one. After that failed prediction, Camping was discredited and offerings fell severely, forcing the sale of many valuable licenses, including WFSI in Annapolis MD, WFME in Newark NJ and WKDN in Philadelphia. Christian listeners took issue with many other of Camping’s peculiar teachings. Camping later suffered a stroke and died. The network continues Camping’s vision and still plays many of his programs. Although they sold the FM signals in the Mid-Atlantic region, they purchased several AM stations, so they continue to be a major force in this area.
750 WBMD, Baltimore MD
860 WFSI, Baltimore MD
950 WKDN, Camden NJ

Fundamentfbnal Broadcasting Network. As the name implies, but skewed to Independent Baptist Fundamentalism. About half music and very conservative preaching. The music is conservative but tends to get a bit jumpy. Based out of Grace Baptist Church in Newport, NC. Used to be on shortwave as well.
1590 WHGT, Chambersburg PA
96.1 WIHW-LP, Dover DE. Operated by Capitol Baptist Church.

Hope FM. Christian Rock. Closely identified with Calvary Chapel, with Charismatic preaching.  They are one of the many Christian rock networks that clog the local airwaves with unnecessary translators.
89.1 WRSM Rising Sun MD
90.9 W215BY, Church Hill MD
96.1 W246AO, Wye Mills MD
97.7 W249BY, Bridgeton NJ
103.3 W277BL, New Castle DE

LifeTalk Radio. A Seventh Day Adventist network. Heard in the area on 89.9 WXTR in Tappahannock VA during tropo openings.

Lift FM. Christian Rock. Relays WZFI-LP 98.5 from Bridgeton NJ. Their 88.1 outlet initially signed on as Chesapeake Catholic Radio (although it was in New Jersey???) with EWTN programming. Owned by Azariah Comminucations.
88.1 WFDS, Pennsville NJ. This station started off as EWTN and the original plan was to put it in Smyrna DE, but that was rejected by the FCC. It ended up in Pennsville.
98.5 WZFI-LP, Bridgeton NJ (main station)

. Naklovetionwide Christian Rock network, the bane of unidentified stations during Es openings.  If you don’t have at least a dozen unidentified K-Love stations in your log, you aren’t trying hard enough.
89.5 WYPA , Cherry Hill NJ
92.1 WLBW, Fenwick Island DE
105.5 WDKZ, Salisbury MD
106.9 WKVP Camden NJ. K-Love moved here in late 2013, not sure what they are doing with the 89.5 signal.

Positive, Encouraging Radio. Christian Rock. Headquartered in Virginia, heard during tropo openings.
89.9 WPER, Culpeper VA

Praise FM. From South Jersey. 88.1 and 89.9 don’t run parallel. They have different programming streams and the music on 89.9 is more Southern Gospel while 88.1 is more Praise and Worship music. Owned by Maranatha Ministries. .
88.1 WJPG, Cape May Court House NJ
89.9 WJPH, Woodbine NJ

Reach FM From Faith City Church near Christiana Mall, Christiana DE. Christian Rock network, with a slew of translators, some as far away as Ohio, South Carolina and Arkansas. The 89.1 outlet is their primary station.
88.3 WVBH Beach Haven West NJ
89.1 WXHL, Christiana DE
91.9 WXHM, Middletown DE
91.9 W220CT, Salisbury MD
95.3 W237CD, Harrisonville NJ
96.3 W242AV, Seaford DE
100.3 W262BF, Georgetown DE
106.7 W294BN, Dover DE

Rejoice BroaRejoice_Radio_logodcasting Network. From Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola FL. Generally conservative music, some preaching. They operate a nationwide translator network. Their main station is 89.5 WPCS, which I have logged by Es.
89.9 W210CC, Salisbury MD

Word FM. Christian Rock. They operate a slew of translators, mainly in Pennsylvania.
88.1 WZZD, Warwick PA
88.3 WZXE, East Nottingham PA
88.3 WZQX Chambersburg PA
88.7 WBYX Stroudsburg PA

VCY America Radio Network. Based in Milwaukee, mainly Christian talk with some conservative Christian music.
91.7 WBMR, Teford PA

Victory FM. From Liberty University in Lynchburg VA. Was easily heard in Delaware before new stations signed on 88.3 (namely WRAU in Ocean City MD, an unnecessary rebroadcaster of WAMU 88.5 in Washington). Christian Rock, some preaching.
88.3 WRVL, Lynchburg VA (main station)
88.3 WVRL, Elizabeth City NC

Independent Stations
wknz 88.7 WKNZ, Harrington DE. The Bridge, from Eagles Nest Fellowship near Milton DE. Christian Rock. Dominates at 25 kw, wiped out what used to be a great DX frequency.  Was this station really necessary, considering all the other Christian rock stations in the area?

88.7 WEHA Port Republic NJ. Urban Gospel. They attempted to set up relays in Delaware on 1600 in Dover and on a few translators but that did not last for long.

89.9 WOEL, Elkton, MD. Owned by Maryland Baptist Bible College. I worked here from 1986-1998 as a board operator, announcer and program producer. A station in serious decline. Often runs with low modulation. Fundamental Baptist programming (what little there is left), broadcasts of services from Maranatha Baptist Church in Elkton MD and generally conservative music, although the format is not very tight. It really needs strong management and better staff training, which it had in the years I was there. Went on the air in 1978 on 88.3, causing major interference to channel 6 in Philadelphia. Many acts of vandalism and sabotage of the transmitter occurred by frustrated TV viewers. The local newspaper claimed WOEL was a pirate station but that was a slander. Was eventually moved to 89.9, which took care of most of the problems. They had two translators, one in Easton MD on 90.7 (operated by Bible Baptist Church in Easton, now defunct) and one in Waynesboro PA (I can’t remember the frequency).

90.3 WDIH, Salisbury MD, urban gospel.

90.5 WCRH, Williamsport MD. Comes in occasionally by tropo. Looks like mainly a Bible teaching station. Wiki says it is affiliated wiuth Cedar Ridge Ministries.

90.7 WYRS, Manahawkin NJ. Bible teaching.

91.9 WGTS, Takoma Park MD. Seventh Day Adventist station from Columbia Union College (a Seventh Day Adventist college). Christian Rock, they also run RDS and put a rather reliable signal into Delaware.

94.5 WDAC,WDAC_logo Lancaster PA. What you might call a “heritage” Christian station. It has evolved over the years, from playing conservative Christian music to more Christian Rock. Their programming philosophy hasn’t changed as much. Great to listen to for local news and information from Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Their tower is on PA 272 south of Lancaster on a tall hill. . They are rebroadcast on a translator on 97.1 W246BI in Middletown DE.

95.1 WRBS, Baltimore MD. “Shine FM” They have a similar background and history as WDAC above. They also run an AM outlet on 1230 that is geared to preaching and talk programs. They have two translators on the Delmarva.
100.1 W261AE, Camden DE, operated by Faith Community Church on US13.
100.1 W261AU, Easton MD

99.1 WAWZ, Zarephath NJ. Christian Rock. Star 99.1.

102.5 WOLC, Princess Anne, MD. Similar to WDAC and WRBS above.

103.9 WPPZ, Jenkintown PA. Urban gospel. Praise 103.9.

104.1 WPRS, Waldorf MD. Urban gospel. Praise 104.1. . Probably related or very similar to WPPZ above.

104.7 WPZZ, Crewe VA. Urban gospe1. Praose 104.7. See above.

105.1 W286BS, Milford DE. Urban gospel. Not sure who they are translating. There has been a lot of history with this signal, most of it quite confusing to follow.

105.1 WAVA, Arlington VA. Also runs an outlet on 780, with more teaching and talk programs. Conservative talk and Bible teaching on the FM outlet.

107.5 WBYO, Boyertown PA. Much like 94.5 WDAC in Lancaster PA.

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Es- May 10 and 11 plus a new translator

May 11 marked the first sustained Es opening here in Delaware. There was Es on May 10 and I *think* I had a few Cubans and maybe the Dominican Republic but that is all rather tentative. The May 11 event lasted almost 3 hours.

May 10
91.5 1557 SS, mentions of Cuba
101.5 1603 SS, mentions of Cuba and “Gramma”
88.1 1624 SS, Rancheria mx, maybe Dominican Republic

I haven’t been able to pin down any possibilities if 91.5 and 101.5 were Cubans

May 11
88.9 KYLF 1655 Adrian MO Bott Radio, new
88.9 KETR 1700 Commerce TX NPR, relog
104.3 KBCN 1725 Marshall AR Univ of Arkansas baseball, ESPN Arkansas, new
93.5 KIXV 1725 Bismarck AR Country, Kix 93.5, new
96.3 KSCS 1726 Fort Worth TX Country 96.3, call ID, new
96.3 UNID 1733 Mention of Mississippi, maybe KUSJ
90.7 UNID 1745 Two UNID Christian stations, one Christian talk, the other CCM
89.7 UNID 1800 Christian, strong southern accent
89.1 KUAR 1805 Little Rock AR NPR, RDS, new
89.7 KUAF 1818 Pine Bluff AR RDS, gospel
88.3 KJGM 1830 Bastrop AR CCM, Sonlife Radio, not sure of the location, assume this one
89.7 UNID 1835 CCM, K-Love
91.9 UNID 1840 Christian
91.7 UNID 1845 CCM
88.1 UNID 1859 Gospel
88.1 WMAU 1900 Meridan MS Mississippi Public Radio, RDS, relog
89.1 WPAS 1911 Pascagoula MS RDS, Preacher
88.9 UNID 2007 Irish mx

I also noticed a new translator, probably 95.3, W237EH from Pennsauken NJ. The license info has it associated with 740 WVCH Chester PA (brokered Christian) so I assume they are relaying WVCH.

Now at 921 stations logged.

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Some Houseclaening- WFDS

88.1 WFDS in Pennsville NJ switched formats a few months back, shifting from EWTN Catholic programming to Christian Rock, airing “Lift FM”, presumably relaying 98.5 WZFI-LP in Bridgeton NJ.  Just what we need- yet another Christian Rock outlet.  At least EWTN offered some variety in religious programming in the area.


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We’re Baaacck!

The start of the FM DX season is here and it’s time to reactive the blog.

AM DX this last season was rough due to increase in power line noise so that really cut down on my activity but hope springs eternal and I hope that when September rolls around, conditions will improve.

Coming into my 8th FM DX season, I am at 909 stations, looking to get to 1000 stations logged.  I’ll be updating on my logs through the summer.

For now, I am updated my FM and AM DX logs- you can download them in Excel format at the link at the top of the page.

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More Nova Scotia FM DX, July 5 and 7, 2013

Some good FM DX over the last few days here in Greenwood, Nova Scotia, using my PL-310 barefoot.

July 5
91.1 WYFG Gaffney SC with BBN programming, 1094 miles
91.9 WRCM Charlotte NC, call ID with CCM music, 1076 miles
95.1 WSSX Charleston SC, 1164 miles

July 7
89.1 WSPM Cloverdale IN, Catholic programming, presumed, 1178 miles
92.3 WIL St Louis MO, 1369 miles
98.7 WNNS Springfield IL, 1309 miles

I now have 81 FM stations in my Nova Scotia FM log and 15 of these are via Es.

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A late update from back home

I noticed about two weeks ago that 88.7 WKNZ Harrington DE “The Bridge” is using the Franken FM on 87.7 in Salisbury MD, WDCO-LP for a relay.  What on earth for?  WKNZ runs 25 kw and pretty well blankets the Delmarva with their “Christian” rock music.

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Nova Scotia Es July 3

I’m in Greenwood, Nova Scotia visiting the in-laws and heard the following on July 3 on my PL-310 Ultralight with just the whip
antenna.  The opening was from Nova Scotia to Central Florida/Florida Panhandle/ Georgia and Alabama.:

102.9 WXXJ Jacksonville FL 1358 miles
97.3 WSKY Micanopy FL 1440 miles
92.1 WECQ Destin FL (probable) 1544 miles (all time distance record for me from any location)
92.9 WAAC Valdosta GA “C93” 1393 miles
95.5 WSBB Doraville GA, 1280 miles
93.7 WDJC Birmingham AL 1408 miles

I checked the radio on-and-off during July 3 while driving through Maine and New Brunswick and I may have heard something on 88.9, mixing with CHNI Saint John NB about 1300 Atlantic time, but heard nothing else until about 1945 Atlantic.

I now have 72 stations in my Nova Scotia FM log, 12 are Es.
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June 1 Es

June 1 brought the best Es opening for the 2013 season so far, with 10 new stations.

88.1 1205 UNID, RDS “Classical”
91.9 WSCF 1700 Vero Beach FL 852 miles ID, also mentioned their 96.9 outlet, CCM, new
90.3 R. Progreso, 1705 Havana, Cuba 187 Spanish, rumba music, probably the one here, new.  Audio file uploaded.
100.1 WZJZ 1720 Port Charlotte FL 952 miles Y-100, new
89.1 CJSB9 1743 Ft Frances ON 869 miles CBC French, very loud!
90.7 WMVM 1755 Goodman WI  789 miles Christian, SRN news,  Audio file uploaded,
89.1 WGZS 1800 Colquet MN 1004 miles National Native News, “Native America Calling”, new
91.7 1805 UNID with Prairie Home Companion
89.9 1808 UNID with Prairie Home Companion
91.5 1817 UNID with Urban music
93.9 WGRM 1819 Greenwood MS 901 miles, RDS, Gospel, new
95.7 1821 UNID Rock
88.9 1826 UNID Traditional Christian mx, could have been Bible Broadcasting Network or Bott Radio Network
107.1 KKEQ 1830 Fosston MN 1148 miles, “Your Q-FM”, Christian, new
106.9 WMOZ 1833 Moose Lake MN  994 miles, ads for Young’s Greenhouse, mention of Moose Lake, new
103.9 1838 UNID country
103.3 KCZR 1841 Fergus Falls MN 1149 miles, “Minnesota’s Custom Rock”, new.  Audio file uploaded
102.3 1848 UNID, mentions of Oneida County Fairgrounds in Wisconsin, country
106.1 1852 UNID country
105.3 1854 UNID, Sports? Sounded like a Jim Rome promo
104.7 KCLD 1856 St Cloud MN 1053 miles, new.  Audio file uploaded.
103.3 1857 UNID, possible Catholic station
103.3 WZKR 1859 Collinsville MS 875 miles,  “Super Talk for East Central Mississippi”, new.  Audio file uploaded.
100.9 1910 UNID oldies
106.9 1921 UNID CCM

I have uploaded audio files on R. Progreso, WZKR, KCLD and WVMV on the “DX Audio” page.

Now at 861 FM stations logged.

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